How we’re changing the game.

Let’s be honest – stories sell but results compel

We create, manage, and promote 1-Day in-person and virtual events!

Since March 2020 we’ve promoted  & put on 502+ Virtual teambuilding, fundraisers, whiskey/wine tastings, art showcases, BINGO, Trivia, Murder Mystery parties & MORE with 14,156+ happy participants!
In-person events
In-person attendees
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Event Promo & Expansion

1-Day In-person and Virtual Event Examples

0.5k Underachiever’s Run
Monthly Cornhole
PAR 3 One Club Golf
Adult Field Day
Themed Events

1-Day “themed” events, fundraisers, networking events, team building events, corporate events, special date celebrations, we’ve done it all!

We go above and beyond to make sure we meet the needs of our clients

(Honestly, we go above that but we’re not sure what that’s called…Taking you to the moon?)